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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Amazing Discovery - Fixing Provolone

Here I go again.

You know how provolone is pretty much a big hunk of waxy white cheese with barely any discernible flavor? It's fine in sandwiches with salame or pepperoni or something equally vibrant, but if you want to pair it with a nice, mild peppered ham, well, not so good.

I was making open-faced sandwiches with said mild ham, provolone, avocado and tomato. Because of the open faces and the avocado-tomato combo, it seemed natural to drizzle on a bit of EVO and add a nice squeeze of lemon. Some sea salt and a few grindings of pepper, too? Yes! That was so good. The provolone really seemed to fit then.

So, now, whenever I want to use provolone in a sandwich with mild-flavored accompaniments, it gets the EVO, lemon, sea salt, fresh ground pepper treatment. This is good.

Solutions, not just workarounds (like using a different cheese). That's what I like.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

See, you went and got all Italian on our buttocks. A good Italian sub sandwich, made with cured salumi (coppa, mortadella, etc.) and provolone -- along with lettuce, tomato and pepperoncini -- is always better with a squirt of oil and vinegar. And salt makes everything "food."


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