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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Potato Salad with a Twist, a Tiny Epiphany

I love potato salad. I make it all year round. It used to be just for picnics or large summer gatherings - boil five pounds of potatoes, peel until you can't stand the sight of them, then comes the dicing. Ergh! When suddenly, I had a minor epiphany: You don't have to make huge batches of potato salad. You can make it one serving at a time, just a single potato's worth. Duh.

Yeah, there was I thinking, but if I make potato salad just for a couple people or, gasp, just for me, what will I do with all the leftovers? I'll be eating potato salad until something really ugly happens. Well, it sounded logical at the time.

So, now I buy either Red Bliss or Yukon Gold new potatoes and nuke them for salad. Sometimes
  • I like eggs mashed into my salad
  • or olives, Lindsay's best or Kalamata or green and pimento stuffed
  • usually something pickle-y, like chopped up pickles or capers
  • or I mix part sour cream with my mayo
  • or I add mustard - anything from bright yellow French's to brown and grainy
  • and I slice green onions in, sometimes diced Vidalias, sometimes just chives.
In short, being able to make potato salad one potato at a time, means I can have a different kind of potato salad every time, and no leftovers unless I want them.

I know y'all were dying to know that.


At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Healthy Salads Eater said...

I love salads, too, especially healthy salads with traditional dressings and organic veggies. And I for sure will try your recipes!


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